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Big Spoon Roasters

big spoon roasters

“It matters to our health, our happiness, and the well being of our planet.”- Big Spoon Roasters

Big Spoon Roasters makes delicious handcrafted nut butters from scratch in Durham, N.C. Inspired to share his experience in Africa with these beautiful ingredients back home, Mark and his wife began their journey with Big Spoon Roasters in January 2011. This unique company sets their standards high focusing on small batches, while utilizing top quality local ingredients sourced from like-minded producers. The business has been built on a foundation of delicious, nutritious, and an outcome that is positive for a those involved.big spoon roasters

Big Spoon Roasters have a total of 10 innovative nut butter flavors. These flavors include peanut, peanut almond, peanut cashew, peanut pecan, peanut cacoa, almond cacoa, mission almond, almond ginger, espresso, and chai spice. Each 10oz container of nut butter range from $12.95-$13.95.

Inspired by this companies concept and values, I have recently whipped up a vegan French toast recipe stuffed with their peanut pecan flavor! Mouth watering… check it out here! Vegan French Toast

They don’t stop at their nut butters! Big Spoon Roasters have also introduced bars to their line of products. The bars stemmed from the idea that on-the-go nutrition doesn’t have to sacrifice integrity, flavor, or freshness. Big Spoon Roasters offers the Cherry Pecan Nut and Apricot Pepita bars, which cost $21.00 for 6 bars.

You can buy these nut butters and bars on Big Spoon Roasters website or at several stores around the United States, which they have laid out very well on their website.

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