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Quick Chicken Coconut Curry

Healthy Thai Coconut Chicken Curry

When I have left over chicken, the last thing I want the next day is chicken. This recipe is the perfect way to add a new bold flavor and completely transform your leftovers.

Curry always takes me back to my study abroad trip in Thailand. You know when people say that the Westernized versions of worldwide cuisines are dramatically different? They are completely right. No American Thai restaurant could have prepared me for the street food in Bangkok. When unfamiliar food becomes your basic diet, no matter how adventurous you are, I found that my whole group after week one would lean towards a dish that brought out familiarity and comfort to them. For me, this dish was the Coconut Thai Curry! Read more

Avo- Nashville


3001 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209

Avo is unbelievable. The talent running this restaurant puts me in awe. It’s incredible to see a menu that is entirely plant based, but tastes nothing like your typical vegetarian and vegan ingredients. Just to add to the use of creativity in the combination of flavors and textures, the restaurant is committed to heating nothing above 118 degrees. Read more

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