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Homemade Strawberry Pop Tarts

pop tarts 5

I must say pop tarts were one of the few things that got me out of bed before school morning growing up. Sadly, I haven’t had a pop tart few years! I thought it was about time to bring back those nostalgic memories and attempt to make a pop tart of my own!

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Healthy Pizza’s on the Grill

grilled pizza

The idea of making pizza dough might be intimidating or just plain time consuming to some. The recipe below is a one that doesn’t take any pre-planning or overnight rising of the dough. It’s an awesome recipe, that is perfect for the grill!

Pizza’s on the grill are also a fantastic idea to get kids involved in cooking or for any party. All you have to do is prep the ingredients and the cooking is up to the guests, no hostess stress involved! Making individual homemade¬†pizzas was always a wonderful memory for me growing up. Read more

Valentines Day Pancakes & Eggs

Pancakes and Eggs

I don’t think it can get much better than someone bringing you breakfast in bed, especially on Valentines Day! Hint.. hint.. to all you men out there! These pancakes will keep it romantic, but not too cheesy!

As confusing and intimidating Valentines day can be, I always say the more simple the better! Sure, every girl would love to walk into a room filled with roses, but lets be realistic here! No one can get upset about breakfast in bed.

Pancakes filled with heart shaped eggs? Yeah you’ve got it, but they are way more simple to make than you would ever believe! For me, I can never decided between sweet and savory for breakfast and I must say that these always do the trick! Read more

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Peppers with Baked Eggs

Stuffed Peppers 3

If you happen to have a pepper and egg in your fridge, I can guarantee you will be able to make this recipe¬†on an almost empty pantry. Not only is this recipe fabulously simple and versatile, but your bowl is literally edible! It’s the perfect “pick me up” meal in the sense that the peppers are filled with vitamins and the egg and quinoa are packed with protein. These stuffed sweet peppers are an easy recipe that goes a long way! Read more

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