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101: How to Boil an Egg

Boiling Eggs

“She can’t even boil an egg.”

Even I must admit, boiling the perfect egg is easier said than done. I personally think that cooking eggs are some of the more temperamental and difficult skills to master in the kitchen. My dad actually begins his week every week boiling about seven eggs to easily grab every morning on his way out the door. He recently asked me what the correct amount of time was to boil an egg without having it too soft or to the point where the yolk turns the green/gray color.  I honestly could not give him an exact answer and it drove me crazy!

After some trial and error, I have perfected the method and time it takes to boil a soft, medium, and hard egg! Be careful to follow exactly when to put the egg in the pot because it does change depending on how soft you prefer your egg. Read more

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