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Egg White Frittata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese

Egg White Frittata with Sun Dried Tomatoes Artichokes Goat cheese3

The frittata below is the ultimate low calorie, yet rich, vegetarian breakfast! So many times after eating an omelet or skillet, I feel overly full. This egg white frittata recipe is packed with vegetables and herbs, but unlike your corner diner’s breakfast, it’s a light and energy boosting meal!

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Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Skillet

Sweet Potato Skillet

Sweet Potato SkilletThis is what I call my “cleaning out to fridge skillet.” Honestly, I do not think it can get much better than a one pan meal in our chaotic lives! I urge you to try mixing up the vegetables too, like I said, whatever happens to be in your fridge will work. I also recommend adding bacon, sausage, or ground turkey if you are a meat lover!

I love this recipe because of how versatile it can be. Who said breakfast is only made for the morning? This is a cold Sunday night in pj’s kind of skillet! Read more

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