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Meet Madeline

Welcome to The Local Ladle, I am Madeline.

At 24, I am a new fresh mind in the culinary community.  My goal for this blog is to learn and grow with my audience in both the kitchen and in everyday life!  I will be your guide to cooking for an occasion and for the everyday routine. I am the number one promoter for taking a break from the kitchen and trying out the next new restaurant, so check out the city guide for places I have been!  In the kitchen, I am all about using healthy wholesome ingredients and substitutes to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

wholesome food, food blog
Photos by Hamza Quadra, check him out

Where did my passion for food begin?

It all began in my tiny college kitchen where we barely owned one bowl and a spatula.  Food gave me an escape from burying my head in the books and allowed me to channel my creative and experimental side! In 2014, like any Millennial college graduate, I decided that I wanted more than just the desk job.  Three short months later I was off to the best decision I had ever made, Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland!

Ballymaloe was a 6am wake up to pick beautiful organic ingredients on a 100 acre farm and to later cook with them to create flavorful and farm inspired dishes.  It instilled in me a respect for food and the understanding of the amount of hands that actually go into creating a dish. From planting the seed to serving the plate, food has played a huge role in the way we are today and the things we take for granted.  I want to continue to honor and share our history of ingredients and methods and how they continue to unify us.

wholesome food, food blog
Photos by Hamza Quadra, check him out!

What am I up to now?

I’ve recently moved back to my hometown of Chicago, IL and I could not be more thrilled to be in the windy city! Chicago is a community of never ending creativity, where especially the culinary scene is continually booming.  I’ve already highlighted a few restaurants that are must eats when in Chicago under the City Guide section.  Recently, I have received the incredible opportunity to work with the Culinary Fight Club team to help grow and strengthen their brand! I am also working with an amazing Restaurant Group as their Sales Manger!

If you’re still reading, I’m impressed!  As I said, I am looking to learn and grow with you! Any comments, suggestions, complaints are always welcome!


wholesome food, food blog
Photos by Hamza Quadra, check him out!


2 thoughts on “Meet Madeline

  1. Congratulations Maddie, your Mom sent out an email tonight letting us know of your new adventure. I’m a long time friend of your Mom & I’ve known your Grandma for many years. I’m excited for you and have looked through The Local Ladle blog. Can I say I’m impressed and wish you much success in your new adventures. I look forward to getting your new recipes, I can’t promise I’ll try them, although I always have a goal to cook when I have time. Hope to have more time & try our your recipes, they look amazing!

    1. Rita,

      Thank you so much for looking into my site and commenting! I am very excited to share my recipes and ideas with you and everyone! I hope one day you do get the chance to try out a few recipes! :) All the best!

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