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Heritage Bicycles – Chicago

Heritage- Chicago

Lakeview: 2959 N. Lincoln Ave| Chicago, IL 60657  Uptown: 1325 W Wilson Ave | Chicago, IL


Monday- Sunday 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Whether you come to fix your gears or grab a latte, the family culture of Heritage Bicycle will give you the feeling of home in a bustling city. The vintage-inspired bike café displays handcrafted bicycles with a full service bike repair shop. As you enjoy a seasonal pastry with a strong sip coffee, helmeted guests will walk their bicycles straight through the coffee shop to have their bike repaired.  Committed to a strong belief in eco-friendly transportation and local manufacturing, Heritage Bicycles proudly combines the two concepts that really go hand in hand: coffee and bikes.Heritage- Chicago


Heritage bicycles offers a range of artisanal roasted coffee. One of my favorites, the Cold Brew Iced Coffee is steeped in cold water from anywhere from 18 to 36 hours.  This is no Starbucks, the baristas are passionate in taking their time in appreciating every cup they prepare. The shop maintains a rotating drink menu depending on the season. They also offer a list of loose-leaf teas for the less caffeine fanatic folks.  Heritage- Chicago


“No bike goes out this door in the same way.”- Mike, Owner

These vintage-inspired bicycles are one of a kind. On their website you can choose a group of five styles and customize your own Chicago made bicycle. From colors, gears, and brakes it’s up to you! Heritage Bicycles strives to go beyond just creating a custom made bike, but to rather create a relationship and memory with that guest. Check out their wonderfully made website, click here!

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