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Spiral Mediterranean Veggie Salad

Spiral Mediterranean veggie salad

The effort put into this salad doesn’t even come close the beauty and flavor that comes out it.  The earthy and deep raw flavors of the vegetables seamlessly compliment the creamy richness of the chickpea hummus. The addition of cilantro and sumac not only add great color, but celebrate the Mediterranean pops of flavor!

A lot of people decide to purchase the really expensive spiralizers. If you don’t already have a Kitchen Aid attachment, I highly recommend my favorite hand held spiralizer you can purchase at Target for only $14.99!

Spiral Mediterranean veggie salad

Spiral Mediterranean Veggie Salad


Prep Time- 15 minutes


– 2 firm zucchinis, raw

-1 yellow squash, raw

– 2 raw beats, peeled

-2 carrots, peeled

-1/4 cup peanuts, crushed

-1/2 cup hummus

-Juice of 1 lemon

-1/4 cup olive oil

-2 tsp of sumac

– Salt and pepper to taste

-Cilantro and pomegranate seeds for garnish

Spiral Mediterranean veggie salad


  1. Using your spiralizer, cut all of the vegetables into spirals.  Put in a large bowl. (Practice makes perfect!)
  2. In the bowl with the veggies, add the lemon juice, oil, sumac, salt & pepper. Mix evenly
  3. On a large platter or individual plates spread the hummus along the surface. Place the vegetable salad over the top.
  4. Garnish with peanuts, pomegranate seeds, and cilantro! Serve chilled!

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